My name is Thor Sivertsen and I work with different kinds of art including animation, cartoons, prints, painting and mixed media.

My latest film project is an abstract animation using stop-motion and computer graphics. The group Motorpsycho made the score specially for the film.



The film had its premiere at Fredrikstad Animation Festival in october 2019. and was shown at Minimalen Short Film Festival in Trondheim 21. & 22. of january 2020.


Animation art impressed. Thor Sivertsen from Inderøy got the award for “Best Nordic Animation or Art Film” for his film “Pulsator” He also got a honorable mention for the same film in the category “Best Prerunner“. “Almost cosmic and psychedelic animation and “A dynamic painting which gives the spectator the feeling of watching a visual poem”, the jury said about his film.

Exerpt from Adresseavisa 23.01.2012

Short and wide at underrated festival in Trondheim. The Minimal that goes on in Trondheim this week is a unique mustering of local and world-class short films. The opening of the festival on Tuesday night was marked by two Trondheim premieres. The cinematic meeting between one of the veterans in Norwegian animated films and specially made music by Motorpsycho both looks and sounds like a special occation. Thor Sivertsen from Inderøy (father of Rasmus A. Sivertsen who has dominated Norwegian animation film for the past decade) has created the abstract, mood-painting “Pulsator”, where the band has set music to the pictures afterwards. The film is a five-minute, powerful trip in sound and image, which appears as an acid step forward from Motorpsycho’s collaboration with the images of Håkon Gullvåg at the Byscenen during Olavsfest last year. An experimental short film that suited the large canvas in the Liv Ullmann hall very well.

From Trønderavisa – journalist: Ellen Marie Stølan

Abstract animation and the sound of Motorpsycho

Thor Sivertsen participates with the short film “Pulsator” at Minimalen. Here he lets abstract animation speak for itself, while Motorpsycho has created the soundscape.

There are hardly many films like his at the short film festival Minimalen which starts in Trondheim on Tuesday 21 January. “Pulsator” is a five-minute abstract animated film, an explosion of colors, still images floating above and into each other, and with dramatic tones signed one of the country’s premier rock bands.
This is Thor Sivertsen’s 6th self-produced short film since the 1980s, and his second abstract animated film. Four years ago he made “Cineplasto”, an experience he favoured very much.
– In that short film, I made blocks of plastic, full of color, and took pictures of the cross-section of the end surfaces that were put together into animated segments. It became a whole abstract movie, and it tempted to do more in this genre. So with “Pulsator” I have unleashed various modern painting techniques, not with brush, but with for example paint rollers, stencils and spray, he says, and shows a large paper roll where he has collected all the physical paintings for the film.
He received support from Midtnorsk Film Center for a pre-project, and when the demo film was completed, he received further support for the production itself.
Sivertsen spent a couple of months in the fall of 2018 on the experimental work where he took a number of pictures, and in the spring after he digitally processed the material.
– Digitally it is about stretching the length, adding more layers and from there again creating new images. Since it is an abstract movie, it has no traditional story. But I still worked from a storyboard, and tried to give it a classic film drama structure, with a start, an elaboration, a turning point and an ending. So far, the feedback from those who have seen them has been in line with my own thoughts on a slightly chaotic and devastating theme, a bit apocalypse-like, he says about the short film previously shown once, at the animation film festival in Fredrikstad before Christmas.
And to emphasize the apocalyptic mood he brought with him Motorpsycho, for the second time. They also created the soundscape of “Cineplasto”.
– I really love what that group do in the first place. They have an openness in what they do and move in many directions, whether it be rock, jazz or contemporary music. They are creative and proficient, and they seemed to enjoy such a creative challenge. They have made the sound as they think it fits the pictures. It is awesome that they would do this, says Sivertsen.
Can you hear that it’s Motorpsycho?
– I think It’s probably possible to hear it. They use some of the same elements when improvising live, so you can recognize it. It is contemporary music, but more atmospheric than melodic. You hardly hear what instruments are being used.

I have made a limited edition of 200 boxes containing the film (in both 4K and HD) plus a film showing the process of making it and the music as a separate file – all on a custom made usb card. The box also contains a signed numbered print on art paper. All the prints are different, taken from various stages of the film. A piece of one of the original paintings made in the production process and a postcard is also in the box. The box 32x22x2 cm, has a hand stamped logo on the lid and are individually numbered from 001-200.

The boxes are now up for sale at Motorpsychos webshop – 700.- NOK.

A few boxes are also for sale at Crispin Glover Recordshop in Olavshallen, Trondheim.


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